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coverage of america's cup. >> a wild weekend. for the second strait day of competition, a team is forced to drop out mid race due to an equipment malfunction. emirates team new zealand got off to a strong start and then hydraulics issues crippled them. let's go back to saturday. we is a luna rosa bow out. sunday, luna rosa turned the tables for their first win. here is the skipper, max sorena. >> no one i think was giving us any chance in this final. and we worked over there. >> now keep in mind on race days during this challenge, we're set for two races per day, but for the second straight day, the wind limit was exceeded over 19 knots. here is emirates team new zealand ray davies. >> it caused a problem with the hydraulics system. and it is impossible to sail without hydraulics. so we have to bounce back and get on with it. >> now two races are set for monday which is getting it's full use as a reserve day. as we have seen, high wind can play spoiler. i'm lawrence scott. >> the sun was out today, and rob has the weather for us. >> still seeing the sun now, clouds are approaching san fr
spent some time checking out the america's cup boats. the avid surfer found the boats fascinating and able to get a firsthand look at the action. he got a behind-the-scenes look of team usa. >> i'm a total novice when it comes to anything to do with this sport but that's great because it's all fresh and new and exciting. and excuse me while i zip up my britches. i went from knowing nothing to a little something all in a day. >> after signing autographs he got to ride along on an umpire boat. they go about 50 miles per hour on the bay. wow. during the final day of the louis vuitton semifinal round said he loved it so much he's coming back next month. the red hot chili pepper closes out the music festival tonight in san francisco's golden gate park. >>> dozens of crews of dragon boats competed on lake merritt this weekend as part of the oakland dragon boat festival. it drew teams from across the united states. the boats are colorfully decorated with a carved dragon's head. a tail end of the stern and scales painted along the hull. the dragon's claws are the 20 paddlers. winners adva
are making money. >>> the most expensive cities in america to raise a baby. three of them right here in the bay area. >>> a new survey reminds us how expensive it is to live in the bay area. san jose wins the nationwide with new parents spending over $41,000 over the baby's first year. santa cruz reigns second according to the real estate website. new york third followed by san francisco. seven of the top ten cities are in california. primarily because of housing prices. boston rounds out the top five. housing and child care costs turned out to be the biggest influences in this study. >>> thousands of south bay students and their parents have one more thing checked off their back to school to do list. sacred heart community service in san jose was handing out backpacks to kids in need, stuffed with $60 worth of school supplies including notebooks, pencils, gift cards for new shoes. organizers say even though the economy is improving especially in the south bay, many families still need help. >> there is employment for people out there but most of them are underemployed at this time.
a cruise around the bay. as emirates team new zealand, here's america's cup ceo steven barkley on the latest for the challengers. >> and now, what do we see? we see artemis out on the water and we look forward to luna rossa in a match which really people think is going to be close. >> reporter: in all of this action ahead in august, one of the three challengers will face oracle team usa. the america's cup organizers know how the bay area looks to its sport to be part of a larger event. >> one. things we've learned is how san francisco wants to enjoy events such as this. and we're seeing it again now. in the last sort of two or three weeks, we've noticed that the whole tone has changed. as we've seen the tourists and the boaters voting with their ç feet. >> reporter: with no teams competing on the bay, the america's cup park will still be open for a variety of activities. i'm laurence sc >>> all right, so we can still go out there and watch the boats, even though there's not official competition. >> and you know who's been doing that? jeff ranieri. >>> the great thing people d
they will not -- >>> okay. so the lead up to the america's cup is very near its conclusion with a challenger to oracle usa perhaps just one day from being established. >> we have the latest on the leader of the louis vuitton cup finals. >>> after the better part of two months in the summer of racing, the louis vuitton cup is a couple races away from being captured. not much in the way of competition. in the prestart of race six, following a familiar script, emirates team new zealand getting the position they want and the kiwis gathering a sizable lead over the luna rossa team. they are behind for most of the race. two more victory also give emirates team new zealand the spot before oracle usa. >> the way we go around the course. you feel like it is coming together. we know we can do better. and so i think the challenge is as much racing ourselves and improving ourselves as it is against the other guy. >> reporter: luna rossa needing a mistake to grab the win. but they're staying in the fight. here's luna rossa skipper. >> we're not going to give up even until the end. if there's some suggs of that. we are
at the america's cup where it was a very dramatic day today, and an emotional day. and artimas racing returned today. we will show you what happened coming up. >>> >>> and we will have your full america's cup weather forecast tomorrow coming up and a live look across the bay and there's the fog. we will tell you what it will do to the temperatures this week, you may like it, coming up in a few minutes. ♪ i wish i was made of money. i wish you were too. chances are, you're not made of money. so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico motorcycle. see how much you could save. >> protesters in san francisco called for a boycott of russian made vodka after lawmakers enacted anti-gay legislation. they banned promoting nontraditional sexual relations. people gathered outside city hall to call on mayor ed lee to boycott russian brands. >> if you have laws that legislate the way that the russian government has, you are opening up violent homophobia, and that is what is happening. >> many boycotters poured water on the sidewalk rather than actually vodka. >> a registered sexual offender is in cu
check is coming up next. >>> i'm lawrence scott at the america's cup. we had two races with two teams finishing and no problems to speak of. we'll fill you in coming up. do you see the 10% back in points, aw baby, i'm seeing triple again. plus another 10%, plus free shipping? yeah. you're good. this is the member triple play deal. this is sears. >>> starts and finishes from both teams in the louis vuitton cup finals. that's a first. >> and lawrence scott was there. >> reporter: with cooperating winds and boats holding together, it's a race day where both scheduled races had starts and finishes from both teams. in race one the only malfunction was a time keeping device meaning a shaky prestart for the team as team new zealand was off and running with a lead that would grow to hundreds of meters before the kiwi domination continued. race two was the most competitive of the summer. but team new zealand is the fastest challenger and claims the second race needing three more victories for a date with oracle team usa. >> it was a really good day. the whole concept of the races was about san
on the racecourse at the louis vuitton cup semifinals in the bay in the leadup to the america's cup. the story of a swedish team that touched many with their competitive spirit. >> reporter: the pre-start of the fourth race in the louis vuitton race, fighting to avoid a sweep in the hands of the italian team, and a penalty at the very start would be just a start of the day's difficulties. three penalties in all for the swedish team. and keeping improving and with a win and sweep of them, and the team new zealand in the louis vuitton final. returning to compete, hats off, honor the teammate of andrew simpson who died during training in may. emotional all-around, outpouring from fans along the racecourse. felt by the captain. >> a standing ovation. they may have lost the race but were on the minds and hearts of everybody watches as they crossed the line. >> been through something as terrible as we did, it has a very gelling proponent to it. we became obviously close as a team. one thing's for sure that allows you to go forward with a lot of confidence as a team. i think that it's going to be inc
final. lauren scott at america's cup park where team new zealand is close to taking on oracle team usa on the bay and san francisco. >> the seemingly inevitable delayed one more day at the louis vuitton cup finals. delayed between new zealand and the italian luna rossa team. once they got going a familiar theme. the kiwis and speed out of the prerace giving them the around mark i, a boat that has been the dominant leader in the series. outside of the unexpected, how will new zealand match up with the defender, oracle team usa? this will be answered soon. one win away from capturing the louis vuitton cup postponed. with a 6-1 lead in the best 7 of 13, america's cup is on the door stop. here's dean barker. >> we get ourselves a nice start, we win the trophy. for us it's the same preparation. the same system, same routines. we'll go and do our absolute best to win the race. >> reporter: luna rossa going all out. improvements in every race seem subtle with dominance competition from the kiwis. >> it's great we get to fight another day. we would love to buy a month of time back and every da
said the alliance quote brings together retailers and industry associations from across north america to play a substantial role no improving working conditions for the people in bangladesh's garment industry. but labor groups claim this plan which would key eight a $42 million fund does not go nearly far enough and does not pay for the renovation and repair of bangladesh factories. some smaller apparel companies make conscious clothing part of their overall mission. prada became the first company in north america to receive square trafair trade certification. >> we have stood for this for quite a long time. it feels like swimming upstream, because there's not that many companies that are focused on this. >> reporter: they are only one of the companies that have received fair trade certification. while it means the tee shirts cost more, at least one shopper we spoke to said he's willing to pay that price. >> i think it's something that everybody should do. take a moment to think about how things are being made and the conditions these people live. >> reporter: i'm diane dwyer, nbc bay
the action if you're headed out to america's cup park it's free to get in. looks like they're charging admission. you have to get your bag looked through. no admission at america's cup park. and throughout thursday. upper 70s inland. 50s at the coast. we'll have showers off to the north. a few showers near santa rosa by thursday. we'll see about that tomorrow. >> it's august, right. >> i just wan to confirm. one of the hottest since 2009. >> interesting tidbit. >> let's get to sports. >>> as we mentioned in the news kags, drugs and bablg. something we went with a lot here. they continue our coverage from the comcast sportsnet newsroom. >> thanks very much. we would much rather talk about games but the news deals with the suspensions of major league baseball. the giants open a seven-game home stand. no one on the roster was on the list of players receiving suspensions in the relation to the investigations. manager bruce bochy and his team were together and hope today's t:qx'alties result in future fairness. and the fact that some guys are still doing it, i don't blame them. i would be u
and 60s at the coast. america's cup tomorrow, the series continuing in san francisco. 27 and 29. water temperatures in the 50s. small craft advisory and winds from 10 to 20 miles per hour. that still should be good enough for those sailors to get out on the boats as we head throughout thursday. conditions at coastline will have a mix of sun and clouds and also temperatures in the 60s. take your jacket. if you're at home, on the couch, catch live coverage from 12:00 to 1:30 on cozy tv. we did want to update with the lack of cloud cov or at coastline. no weather delays but possible delays tomorrow as we'll see that fog building back at coastline. more on your full forecast later on. >> thank you. we'll tune into cozy tv to watch america's cup. >>> 6:00, power of social media, help save a stranded cat. we have video. >>> 40 years since california passed malpractice reform. is it time to look at victims' rights. a new measure coming up a special day for dozens of kids in the bay area. how a local amusement park helped honor military families. >>> this could be a game change for millions of
the bay area this summer in the chase for the america's cup. the giants also hosting notables from new zealand. the all blacks. ryan vogelsong and george kontos were on hand. >> the one thing that impresses me, when i think of the all blacks to me it's like the yankees of new zealand, how popular they are and distinguished they are and how people love them. >> in general it's a very football like kind of sport without pads. the guys that play it are usually pretty tough. >> air new zealand helps bring the two teams together, the orange and black welcoming the all black goes to show you never know who will drop in to the at&t stadium. i'm lawrence scott.
-in-chief and it comes from the top. >>> the favorite of the america's cup was back on the water today facing luna rossa. but it was not easy sailing for either team. >> day two of the louis vuitton cup series, challenging for the two teams in this best of seven series trying to make a strong go of it in light wind on the bay and with the pre-start consecutive, the day not without a share of mistakes for the italian team. the hull on the boat taking a deep dip. but that the only drama. with luna rossa taking a second straight win 2:06 ahead of the swedish team. >> the reality is that the boat is performing pretty well. in some areas we can improve. but i think we have an edge of pretty much all the conditions at the moment. >> >> reporter: and artemis looking at the positive to be had after back to back days of competition. >> we are two minutes behind. no one likes to lose but on the boat we performed better than we did yesterday. we are looking forward to improving the next three races. >> nick hutton was fixing the wing and now they are just two wins away from a date with the emirates team new zealan
, bank of america and chase bank to quell the efforts to buy hundreds of underwater mortgages so the city can restructure the loans. the city announced it would use emnint domain where it would require private property for public use so it can stem the 50% foreclosure rate in the city. opponents believe it will hurt consumers and first time home buyers in the long run. homeowners struggling to make mortgage payments say it might be their only hope. >> if we sit back and do nothing more and more families are going to lose their homes. the city isn't going to be able to recover. >> the city of richmond the first in the nation to use imminent dough mmain. >> crews began pouring 164 cubeic yards of concrete on the new span of the bay bridge. part of the fix following the discovery of faulty bolts. concrete will cover up a complex cyst temperatu system of steel strand to string s -- strengthen the bridge. caltrans says the work on the bridge is scheduled to be run december 10th. the agency has no word yet when they have rescheduled an owning day for newt spthe new span. a criminal background c
into a space that used to house computers for bank of america. jack dorsey gave the mayoro+hp tour of the site today. it isÑi taking over four floorsf the building. it's bringing 1,000jf employeeso the central market area whichus ju)q'cing a heck of açó >> when you have this dynamic range of folks from different backgrounds and different stories everyone getsçó more creative. >> in the lastt( several years, tech companies have taken over 1 million square dld( ofjf centr market. square is moving out of the chronicle building which will be occupied by yaó?s >>> a crack down in egypt turnsr deadly. we have the video and the latesr on the situation there. >>> a cargo jet crashes in the u.s. two pilots are dead. >>> she was hoping for the best care for her baby and now she is worried about an infection after an alleged medical mistake. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] what is performance? 0 to 60? or 60 to 0? [ tires screech ] how a car performs in a quarter-mile? [ engine revs ] or a quarter-century? is performance about the joy of driving? or the importance... of surviving. to us,
on the bay during erica's cup. two sailors ended up in the bay. lauren scott has the details from america's cup park in san francisco. >> reporter: if each race day of the louis vuitton cup finals is as dramatic as the first, plenty of anticipation will have been built. the challenger may be spent or borrowing new equipment. they started to race and delayed by high wind exceeding the 19-knot limit. they worked to fix the broken dagger board. it failed them rendering the race a lost cause. emirates new zealand found themselves in a frightening course throwing two kiwi members overboard. they were recovered unharmed. the remaining nine crew members visibly shaken and left to deal with the damage. emirates team new zealand had hit a max speed of 48 miles per hour. the kiwis finished in 31:03 to take race one and an unforgettable opening. >> we have done that countless times. that's the first time we have really had an incident like that. we are very positive on that to head through the boat. i think that gives you a little bit more scope. then, we sort of carried on. >> that was nbc bay area
. >>> it was a speech that changed america's future. and today exactly 50 years later, the nation remembers its history. the speech by dr. martin luther king. >>> he was 34 years old when he changed this country. today marks the 50th anniversary of martin luther king's speech in washington, d.c. >> today's event brought out presidents past and present and a who's who of celebrities. >> i have a dream. >> reporter: the dream, still the same 50 years later. only 54% of americans believe it's been achieved. only 21% of african-americans do. equal rights, civil rights, voting rights still a fight. >> to secure the gains this country has made requires vigilance. >> reporter: but president obama, living proof that progress has been made. america's first african-american president. >> because they marched city councils changed and state legislatures changed and congress changed and yes, eventually the white house changed. >> john lewis is the sole surviving speaker from 1953. >> 50 years later we can ride where we want to ride and stay with we want to stay. >> reporter: tens of thousands gathered on the natio
. not only are we the official sponsors of america's cup, but can you head down there for absolutely free. it's pretty ah so. pier 27 and pier 29. we do have all counties highlighted. not expecting a major event, but plenty of thick cloud cover areas of drizzle at the immediate coastline. by the afternoon, the sun stays inland. and no major beach weather coming our way. the fog will stay put begin for friday afternoon. we're going to find a wide mix of sem tours. we think it's going to be warm, but not the hottest. 75 in santa cruz. and 84 in fallowal toe. the hottest location will be the east bay. 90 in walnut creek. 89 in dublin, 87 in pleasanton. 69 in san francisco, over to oakland, decent warming here with 77 and 84 in sonoma. this upper level trough lingering the next five days offshore is just basically going to keep that marine layer in place. when this gets loose and moves across southern california in five days, it's going to be very stubborn and slow. we are looking for a chance of thunderstorms. anything we get this time of the year it heightens our awareness. you can see by monda
if you don't understand the sport yet, it's amazing to watch. oma few more weeks remain of this america's cup drama. >> reporter: now three days into the louie vuitton final and it sounds like the plot to the movie ground hog day. race day one, equipment failure for luna rossa. sunday, day two, the kiwis stall out with hydraulics problems and the italian deteam capitalizes. day three, a mirror of the past weekend. luna rossa has issues with their wind sail and does not finish while emirates team new zealand takes the lead. yet again, it's postponed with the wind limits exceeding. if the boats aren't breaking, the wind is too high. here is dean barker. >> we knew it was requegoing to reasonable chance we wouldn't get the four races. but we thought by the end of today that we would have caught them up, it's a crazy time of the year. >> reporter: and luna rossa skipper obviously disappointed with not finishing two-thirds of these initial races in this final series. >> the goal of this campaign was try to row creakre -- recreate like you have in nascar. >> reporter: they will push forward w
's tonight after america's got tal epts. >>> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. we hope you have a great evening. we hope to see you later tonight. >> bye-bye. uh-oh! guess what day it is?? guess what day it is! huh...anybody? julie! hey...guess what day it is?? ah come on, i know you can hear me. mike mike mike mike mike... what day is it mike? ha ha ha ha ha ha! leslie, guess what today is? it's hump day. whoot whoot! ronny, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? i'd say happier than a camel on wednesday. hump day!!! yay!! get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more. >> now on "extra" dr. oz to the rescue. how he saved a tourist mowed down by a runaway new york taxi. >> literally 30 feet from the accident. >> kim kardashian and baby north west out of hiding. is kim quitting her reality show? >> is there any truth to that? >> kris jenner is here answering >> whenardashian rumor. are we going to see baby north on your show? >>the calling's lead singer abducted and held at gunpoint. >> did you think they were going to kill you
, america sounds off. gaga's leopard print parade. you won't believe where she is going dressed like this. and a beach brawl over $5. princess kate pushing her own grocery cart. >> she doesn't even look like she had a baby.
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